Turn off "Event Summary" alerts

With the latest version of the Ring app (5.69.0) on iOS, I’ve started getting push alerts every time I disarm my alarm:

“Home is now disarmed. Tap to view your Event Summary.”

How do I turn these off? I went through all the alert settings in the app and cannot find one for these. I don’t need an event summary every time I disarm my system.

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I’d like to know also. This is annoying as H. Ring thinks they’re adding features but instead they’re making the whole experience worse.

Don’t bother asking chat support. They have no idea.

Same issue. My “mode updates” notification setting is off. This is really annoying.

Same here. Especially annoying since I get these useless alerts for the home where I’m a shared user as well!

Since the latest app update on iOS in the last week, there seems to be a bug in Alarm Alerts. In the app under Push Settings, “Mode Updates” is off and has been since my alarm was installed a year ago. However, with the last update, I receive a push notification notifying me when the alarm is disarmed. I do not receive an alert when armed, which is correct. I’ve tried to toggle “Mode Updates” on and save and then toggle off and save, which does not help. This is happening on both iPhones and my iPad as well.

Hi neighbors, thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ve passed this feedback onto my team, and they’re currently looking into this. Thank you for your patience!

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