Turn off event history snapshots

Does anyone know how to turn off snapshots in event history? Contacted chat, followed steps, no luck. Contacted tech support, followed steps, no luck. Turned off, turned on, saved, turned off, saved, etc. No change. Thanks.

Hi @user13422. This Help Center article here will have information on how to control the Snapshot Capture feature. I hope this helps!

These instructions are not accurate. Snapshot capture is turned off on all of my cameras, but snapshots continue to appear. Also, there is no option to change the number of snapshots. I tried turning it on, saving, and then turning it off and saving, and that did not make a difference.

Hi @user13422, happy to step in here. What you see on the Event History are not the same snapshots that are used in the Snapshot Capture feature. The snapshots on the Event History page are from the event itself so you have a better idea of which recording you want to view. At this time, this feature cannot be disabled. You’re welcome to add your feedback to our Feature Request board.

Thanks. This is an awful feature when you have 7 cameras. Ring is essentially unusable now except for a live view. The events are so widely spaced on a phone that scrolling dozens of pages is pointless.

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I totally HATE it for the same reasons. But Ring doesn’t care about what its customers want. We saw that with the infamous “October Upgrade” that eliminated our ability to control the motion/light function. I’m only keeping the system because it’s better than nothing, but not by much. When these devices start breaking, I’m going to another company. Ring started out so great. Now it’s just a money grabbing creature.

Whew! The unsolved issue was replied to by “Solved”. I’m glad that was straightened out! Attn: I.T. - please add a software switch in settings to differentiate between the all important “motion” alerts and the.largely unimportant “snapshot”. Thank you.

I have just installed video doorbell 3 plus and want to turn off snapshot. Went to device settings and toggle was set to on. Tried to turn off but no joy. Tried delete app,turn off phone etc. Still no joy. Any ideas?