Turn off 2 factor Authentication

Why does the website always require you to authenticate with 2FA? It’s obnoxious! Is there a way to turn it off? I’d rather not but…


Yes in the control center that’s on the main menu of the app.

It’s a terrible, unbearable, inconvenience. Please stop it!!!


My app indicates that 2 Factor Authenticaltion is off. Nevertheless, I have to obtain a verification code for EVERY log in. IT’S RIDICULOUS!


I have two way authentification turned off and STIll am being made to use it.

What the heck?? Anyone have any ideas about this maddening hiccup???


It doesn’t matter. It can’t be turned off. That feature will be removed. Right now, it won’t do anything. It’s always on from here forward.
You can read it all here.

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I have the same annoying issue. I never turned it on but can not disable it!! What the hell?


Read above…

The on/off setting for 2FA is only for txt 2FA, not for web access. Web access is not viable for me anymore. My office does not allow personal cell phones, so txt is not an option. I also cannot access personal email, web mail blocked, so an e-mail 2FA is not possible. This means I cannot access my RING dorbell at work at all. Other 2FA systems (MS is one) allow you to pre-set more than one e-mail or phone #, which can be selected when you try to log in. They offer obfuscated versions of the destination, and make you fill in the blanks, and thenb, if the provided info matches what is on file, they snd the code there. You could preset a work and personal e-mail, choose the appropriate one and get a code sent there. In this way uyou would need to not only know what e-mail you had provided, but also have access to that e-mail. Same for phone numbers. RING has not at this point provided this flexibility, which makes RING completely unusable for me at work. I don’t think it is that unusual for personal phones, or personal e-mail to be dissallowed at work. If you work in any sort of secure environment, this is common. RING’s 2FA, while having good intent, has not been adequately thought through. One option for RING would be to only require 2FA on web access once from a sepecific workstation. It could store an IP and set that for authorized access for a period of time, month, quarter, etc. That way I would only need to verify the WS (my work PC) once, though that is still painfull. I would need to involve a third party to retrieve and provide the ‘one-time’ code. My response will likely be to change systems to Arlo, which does now have a video doorbell.


Unless your planning of signing out of your phone’s Ring app, there’s no reason to really worry about this. Sign in and it will never ask you for 30 days and that’s only if you don’t open the app for 30 days. In short, you sign in once and never have to again unless you sign out or remove the app

I agree and also cannot access from work and so my cameras are no longer fit for purpose. ill-thought-out and we cannot at least add any trusted devices by IP as you say. In any event, this 2fa is still not that secure and is a knee jerk reaction of Ring management to hype. If anyone wants to hack by cameras and watch blurry images of my postman or the blackbirds I don’t mind. The choice should be the customers. The only option for me is an alternative solution, DVR which in any event is much better quality (without a subscription) and the Ring never works that well or is reliable anyway. The Ring support teams are condescending and not much use and the verbiage on the Ring website is out of date and still refers to 2fA opt-out on many pages. Btw I am not your neighbour (also note correct spelling!)


Why do you need to sign in to the app while at work? Do you sign out before you go in?
And it’s nice that you don’t care about your account, most people do. And this is better than nothing as of now.
Why don’t you get a DVR then as well. I’ve had one for years.
All my Ring devices work perfectly for me. Don’t know why yours do not.
The Ring staff are very helpful and even customer service is great. Never had any issues with them.
And neighbor is spelt correctly here. We got rid of u over a 2 centuries ago.

It shows my 2 factor authentification as being off as well, yet each time I want to log in I am forced to wait for another code. Then just now I am already loged in and try to post here and have to log in again with yet another code. It is beyond frustrating.

You can’t turn it off. Even though it shows as an option. It’s really a rough version that looks rushed out. Hopefully they will adjust it to be more like other companies 2fas

Thank you for the feedback, neighbors. We will certainly share it with the team and keep you posted on any new developments. For now, please take a look at this Community post about account security for more information.

2 Factor Authentication is going to end up getting Ring sued.

Can you imagine if your child is being chased by an adult, is desperately pushing the Ring doorbell, “Oops, sorry, Dad has to wait on the email or text to come in with the code for the 2 step verification”. Meanwhile, you can only see someone abduct your child AFTER THE FACT.

If Ring can’t figure out a way to turn this garbage off, I’m going to sell mine on Ebay and get another set of Arlo cameras.

Also, if I’m not worried about someone hacking into my cameras, then why in the hell is Ring?

Incorrect. You can select to receive a text or an email for the code, but you cannot turn this annoying pos feature off.

Much of the information in the article is incorrect. I never sign out of my Ring apps yet always have to wait for the 2 step verification. The article claims this will not be the case.

I agree. If I didn’t complain about people hacking in and seeing my backyard, then who is Ring to “protect me” from such activity?

Just because you haven’t had issues with Ring staff, doesn’t mean others haven’t.

I have and obviously others have, this puts you in the minority. Your offense at the suggestion that Ring staffers may not be the most professional can only lead the rest of us to surmise that you are a Ring employee.