Trying to connect two wired doorbell wired to existing chime

We have two Ring Video Doorbell Wired units at our home - one for the front door and one for the back. Both units are hooked into the existing chime that we had from our normal doorbells. We changed over to the Ring doorbells about two years ago. Recently, my wife decided to replace the existing chime on the wall with a newer, updated (i.e. more modern looking) version. When we swapped out the chime unit, the back doorbell was flashing the bottom of the circle lights white - which I found out online means “you need to add a transformer”. We already had a transformer - I purchased the Ring transformer when we first switched over because our previous doorbell had a tiny transformer and wasn’t doing the job. I called customer service and was told that since we already had the transformer, there must be something wrong with the unit. Since it was two years old it was out of warranty so I had to order a replacement.

The replacement arrived and I attempted to install it, and got the same white flashing light error message - add a transformer. I had an electrician take a look at it - 17 volts coming out of the transformer, 17 volts at the front door, 17 volts at the back door. He said it’s not the transformer. We removed the front doorbell and put both the original back doorbell AND the new replacement doorbell in the same spot - and both worked fine.

He opened the chime box and switched the jumper cable from “front” to “rear” and - the front doorbell now shows the flashing white light and the back doorbell works fine. So something inside the chime box is messing up the power going out to the doorbell?

His solution was to get another transformer for the back doorbell and bypass the chime box all together. I’d like to try to figure out a way to make it work without another transformer - any ideas?

Hi @user59260. You need to install two Jumper Cables into the chime when hardwiring two Wired Doorbells to one chime with one transformer. One Jumper Cable will go on the front and trans terminals, and the other on the rear and trans terminals. The trans terminal will have both Jumper Cables connected to it, which is okay. Make this change and let me know if it fixes your concern.

hmmmm my electrician said that couldn’t be done… but I’ll give it a try

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