Trying to change WiFi network

My camera is down at the moment, I’m trying to change the WiFi network to my extender. I get a message saying unable to connect when trying to connect to the Ring setup WiFi. Does anyone know why this is happening?

I had the same issue with my floodlight cam. Only way to change wifi settings was to engage the manual setup button on top of the camera. I didn’t know if this was an anomoly or what. Frustrating. Ended up returning the camera since it’s wifi antenna seemed to really struggle with connection (would be fine the majority of the day and then disconnect at night for some reason). Support said it was a firmware update issue, but the camera had the latest.

I’m having the same issue too, I couldn’t detect the “Ring Setup 2e” on my iPhone most of the time. If I waited long enough 10-15mins, it might showup but when I tried to connect to it, it would say “Unable to connect to Ring Setup 2e”. Super frustrated!!!