Trouble with wired Spotlight Cam and Alexa Echo Show integration

I have a wired Ring Spotlight camera and I want it to show video automatically when motion is triggered. This is to show the camera video on my Echo Show 8. I have followed a YouTube video and set up a routine for it.

My first issue is that it shows a small size video on the Echo Show 8, instead of a full screen view. It shows about 1/6 size on the Echo Show 8 screen. In the routine, I set the action as “Show front camera”, which is the same as I would say to Alexa.

The second issue is how do I get it to turn off the video when the visitor leaves? I understand I can set another routine to turn it off after a few minutes. Is there a better way to turn it off, say, when the visitor leaves?

Great question! When viewing your Cameras via your Alexa routine, you can end the event by saying:

  • Alexa, stop.
  • Alexa, stop the communication.
  • Alexa, end.
  • Alexa, exit.

For more tips on using and setting up a routine with your Echo device, check out our Help Center article below. :slight_smile: