Trouble with videos?

Can’t seem to access videos from early this morning till now. I can’t even access my live video’s. Software says everything is fine and dandy, even removed the batteries and rebooted everything. I click on a video and it does nothing. Videos from previous nights show fine. Just bough these and if this is happening I will have to return them and go with some other brand… /sigh

I’m having similar issues, so I did a little bit of investigation because this is very unlike Ring.

What I found is that it seems they’re having an issue with Video Processing at the moment. There’s been an ongoing incident since about Midnight, central time.

You can keep up to date with the status at

Hope this helps!

Thank you @JasonSTL for sharing these symptoms, as well as the status page. I’m moving your post over to this thread, so we can keep them in one place to help other neighbors who may visit this thread for answers. We appreciate your patience, and can assure you the team is looking into this as we speak!

@Marley_Ring - This is a very frustrating situation, especially when I can tell there was a lot of motion on one side of my house last night, but I have no idea what it was at this time.

The sooner this issue can be resolved, and our videos processed and released, the better!

Hey @JasonSTL and @Ifly2high! This concern has been resolved, thank you so much for your patience with this matter.

This is a new issue for me, an I’m not 100% sure it’s just the Ring App as I’m also having issues accessing certain videos (anything recorded after approximently 6:30AM CDT today) from the website portal.

I can SEE that my cameras are recording events, and I can link up to live stream from all of my cameras without an issue, but when I go to view my events from the archive, they are saying they aren’t available at the moment.

I can understand a 2-3 minute lag, due to processing and what not, but some of these videos are now over 2 hours old. Anyone have any ideas whats going on?


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