Trouble with Ring doorbell 4

Looking for any help/advice. I have a new Ring doorbell 4.and Chime 2nd gen, able to install both ok, however live view not working and doorbell often goes offline. It is rather close to wifi hub (Virgin Media) about 5m away and can’t move this any closer. I have multiple cheap wifi cameras much further away on back of house that work absolutely fine, also get full signal when using any other device where the doorbell is located. Have tried a wifi extender (2.4ghz compatible only) but have same issues. Virgin Media are looking into this but is there anything I can do? Would the Chime Pro make a difference here? Using iPhone 12 with ios 15.0.2 Thanks.

Hi @eddy2007. What is the RSSI for the Doorbell? This can be found in the Device Health section of the Ring app. Although being close to your wifi is very important, there may be other factors, such as interference, that are limiting your wifi connection. You can also make adjustments to your wifi router to optimize your connection! This Help Center article here has information on the ports and protocols. Let me know if these adjustments make a difference.