Trouble viewing event history on mobile via Ring app

Hi guys

Recently started having issues viewing event history via my Samsung S9. Videos hang and take forever to load when connected on my home wifi (same network as the door bell and 3 spot light cameras). However when on mobile data videos load in just fine.

Signal strength on all cameras are very good and there does not seem to be any connection issues with my phone to our network.

There are no issues with Live view on either wifi or mobile date. My wife is also having the same issues on her Samsung S9.

Any ideas?


Hey @Denis25! The best first step here will be to ensure bluetooth and VPN is disabled on both phones, and to remove any android apps that might conflict with the Ring app. This will help to optimize mobile device connection and performance with the Ring app. While wifi connection should work, keep in mind that adding an additional device to your network while other connected devices are attempting to stream video can certainly slow down the connection or communication. Great call testing on cell data versus wifi, as cell data can sometimes be quicker to connect. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

It’s an intermitent issue with Ring system. Even though Ring service status shows as being up, there are pockets of time when video event retrival fails (regardless if the connection is a Mobile carrier or home internet provider). It’s critical that Ring allow users to store videos offsite (local ftp or some SAN, cloud) for faster retrival