Trouble using Ring and Nord VPN

What OS are you using on your phone or computer? I’m using iOS 15 on a iPhone 11.

Agreed. I just had the same issue with my S21 Ultra. Stopped working yesterday after major iOS update. It appears Ring (aka Amazon) is trying to gather more data on you. There are only a few apps that do not allow VPNs on my phone which are banking apps… same problem, they want to force you to allow them to collect more data on you. You will note that trying to Login to also will nor work with a VPN on… there lies the true problem with Ring… NOT your VPN. Temporary solution is to disable VPN, login to Ring, then enable VPN and you should get notifications but to view them in the app you have to disable the VPN.

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When you referred to your S21 Ultra… did you mean to say that it stopped working after a major Android (rather than IOS) update?

If your VPN is turned on are you:

  • Able to display various content on – but not able to display the login screen or
  • Not able to access

I have been using Ring Protect plus for years, and I also use Nord VPN. I have tried switching my vpn connection to NordLynx, and turning local network setting off. But I cannot get the Ring app to work on my iPhone Max Pro 11, using iOS 15.1. If I cannot use the app with my vpn then I will not be renewing my Ring subscription in December.

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If I had known Ring was not supporting VPN connections I would not have purchased. By disabling my VPN I am making my phone/computer vulnerable.

No, actually you aren’t.
There are many ways a home user can help keep their devices more secure without using a VPN.
Remember, there’s no such thing as 100% security. Even the VPN can introduce hacks into your network.

iOS NordVPN user here too and just noticed the same issue. Ring app will work with VPN if the “Threat Protection” component is turned off.

I had this with other apps, it’s some of the connections in the app that NordVPN classes as adverts.

It’s a shame as Threat Protection is useful on my phone to block annoying adverts when browsing

edit: Whilst testing I noticed that if I turn the VPN off, load the Ring app + start live view and then turn VPN on after the Ring app seems to work with VPN and Threat Proection turned on.