Trouble using Ring and Nord VPN

I’ve been using the Ring app on my iPhone 11, and it’s been fine until today when I would get a Temporary Connection Issue. There seemed like no way to get into the app, via cell or wifi. I’ve been using NordVpn for quite a while and have previously had no issues using the Ring app with it connected. So I tried disconnecting Nord and now I can now get into the app. The Ring app definitely does not like Nord now for some reason… though other apps are functioning fine. Why is this a problem for the Ring? I should be able to use a VPN at my home and the Ring. Please fix!

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Hey @vtboyarc. As of December 2019, we no longer support the use of VPNs while accessing Ring, Rapid Ring, or Neighbors applications. In order to use these applications, we request that neighbor disable their VPN or ask their VPN provider to help them exclude Ring traffic from the VPN. You should be able to contact NordVPN to do this, but please let us know how you accomplish this, as this may help other neighbors!

You may receive error messages including “406 Not Accepted” on our website, and “Your Internet connection is not currently working. Please try again.” in the Ring app. This can be your reminder to turn off the VPN if you see this pop up and forget to disable the VPN if you cannot allow the Ring traffic on it. It’s possible your VPN may work at times, as I know most VPNs work to put you in another location. As Ring is not supported in all locations, the VPN can create an unsecure network in an area we are not supported, thus limiting the app. We also have security measures in place to help protect our neighbors against unauthorized account access, so we do not allow the usage of VPNs at this time.

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Question: how can a VPN create an insecure connection or even one that is less secure than the public internet.

To force Ring users to go over the public internet (https is NOT secure enough ) to view video you say is private and secure is totally illogical. It contradicts itself.

I should be able to securely access my doorbell when needed regardless of my physical or VPN controlled location.

Based on your statements it’s safer to access my doorbell, security cameras, video, etc via STARBUCKS WiFi or Verizon cellular network is LUDICROUS.

To put any of my devices at risk so I can just answer my doorbell is STUPID


I have Nord VPN. I just tried it on my cellphone and I was able to connect to my cams and doorbell live stream without any issues. I know Ring states it can be a problem but I don’t see any myself.

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Also, for me to even look at my cams from my office. I have to turn on my Nord to get past my office firewalls. I don’t do this often. But it always worked. Just like I did just now.

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Was blocked over and over from iPhone not only from Ring app but in trying to respond to you on this forum

As to a business firewall, I can understand cause that is protecting their assets.

I am upset because they are asking me too unprotected my assets.


Curious what OS are you using?

I am on iOS on my phone and windows 10 on PC

I’m using it on 3 different brands of Android phones. Haven’t tried my PC though. I mainly just use my phones for Ring.

it’s hard to believe Ring doesnt warn you its products block VPN. I’ll bet most of the connectivity issues I noticed before buying were not router or voltage problems, but VPN blocking. Ring Pro going back…now is Ring going to fix the holes I drilled into my house?


I know nothing about Nord VPN but I have had another competitive VPN service configured on my router (using Tomato firmware) for years. I have had no VPN related issues with Ring.

I DO have another router in the house (yes I have two ISPs) which DOES have a firewall issue with Ring. But that isn’t the fault of Ring. I have not spent a lot of time getting to the bottom of it since I am using the other/better router with Ring. I DO know that if I put the Ring doorbell’s MAC address in the router’s DMZ the doorbell works fine.


We have used a VPN for years & the ring doorbell has worked uninterrupted until just few days ago, 11/20/2020. This is a bait & switch situation by Ring.

So why has the implementation of this problem become noticed by customers at different times? The original poster here was May 2020, then again in August & again now in November?
There has to be a way to work around this other than to require users to unprotect their systems. Come on Ring, fix this please.


This is absolutely ridiculous, I got a 2 year subscription to NordVPN a few weeks back and had no issues till today, after setting up my new ring doorbell to replace my old blink camera. And now you’re telling me I have to leave everything unsecured just to see my video clips or answer the doorbell? Ring you should really fix this. I keep my VPN set for the city I live in.


It was easy to resolve… Go to Settings and turn “Local Network” off!

I’m using Nord VPN and even whilst it’s on it works now fine.

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That fixed it for Rapid Ring app too… and I can use a server in any country and it still works fine now…

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Thanks for the tip. I appreciate it.

Please explain how this is possible

“VPN can create an unsecure network“


For using a VPN, what RING domain name(s) do I use, to allow RING access?

Hi, where is this “Local Network” setting you mention? I don’t see it any of my Ring settings. :man_shrugging:t4:

I use NordVPN and found that my Doorbells and Spot Light Cameras all work with Live View without a hitch using NordLynx protocol HOWEVER, Stick-Up cams are another issue. To use Live View on the Stickup Cams I have to downgrade my VPN to a slower protocol “OpenVPN(TCP)” and sometimes OpenVPN(UDP) will also work.
It would not be hard for RING to make a small change in their firmware for all of their devices to be on the same page and allow VPN access.
Talking to Tech Support they tell me its a “Security” issue but that logic doesn’t hold water with me.
If it’s a “Security” issue, then ALL Ring devices would reject access via VPN.
Ring (Amazon Owned) needs to step into the 21st century and realize that nowadays more and more people are using VPN services to maintain their “Security” AND Privacy.
Not only that, but think about this…
When you Log into your Ring App or Ring Account, you are Forced to use 2FA. Yeah, you’ve got to receive a text code on your cell phone to PROVE it’s YOU so you can LOGIN…
So I don’t buy the “Security” excuse… our access is ALREADY extremely secure, and with VPN we’re even MORE “Secure”. Sounds like the programmers or the project managers at Ring are lazy.
I used to run a HUGE I.T. shop with over 800 programmers, I also taught programming at a major University an oft times wish I could speak as many vocal languages as I can code in!!
Ring just needs to update their protocol practices to allow VPN connections and make Customer Service and Usability the Priority.


Thank you. Switching to NordLynx protocol instead of Recommended, allows me
To use the Ring App now. I appreciate it.

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