Triple notifications from doorbell

Every motion or doorbell ring comes to us three times in a row. With mutiple devices getting the same three notifications, it can be a bit annoying. Anyone else having this problem?

Hey @Snowdog42! Multiple mobile devices should not be receiving multiple notifications. Depending on the number of devices you own, linked or group devices, and if you have the Ring or Rapid Ring app, there should be a normal delivery of notifications for each event.

I recommend also turning off bluetooth and disabling any other apps running in the background on these devices. If this concern persists, our support team will be happy to troubleshoot this more in-depth.

I am havin the same issue. I continuously get multiple alerts (up to 6) per event with only motion detection. (ie person hasn’t rung the device). I only have one device so not sure what’s going on.

its annoying to say the least.

Did you get a solution?

I’m having this same problem and wondering if anybody found a solution.

Same issue here. If the motion is triggered, I get three notifications in rapid succession.