Trigger spotlight with camera sensor?

I am about to buy the wired floodlight camera. I am curious as to why there isn’t the option to have the floodlights triggered by the camera’s motion sensor rather than the PIR sensor. One of the major annoyances with PIR lights is having them light up every time a cat walks by. The ‘Human Only’ option for motion alerts suggests that the software has the ability NOT to do something (send a notification) if it isn’t a human that has triggered it. Why can’t this be applied to whether the light comes on or not?

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Good question, @AndrewD! While there is a setting to allow lights to trigger with your normal motion events, it does not dedicate lights to only that detection, at this time. In your Ring app, visit your Floodlight Camera device settings > light settings. There you can toggle on the motion turns on lights feature, and adjust your PIR light motion settings to be less sensitive, if desired.

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Thank you for the reply . If I have Human Only mode switched on and the lights set to trigger with a motion event, will the lights still trigger if a cat triggers the motion sensor?