Trial protection plan interferes with purchased plan

So, for a long time I have had a protection plan (last renewed in May of 2023) that covered my needs and allowed me to see the 3 cameras we have just fine. We just bought 3 new stick cams and I added them to our facility. Immediately upon adding the first one, I was getting a popup on the app about 30 days left to our trial period. I ignored it and added the other two. Once I was done, I discovered that live view and video recordings had ceased on all cameras other then the last brand new one that I added. I contacted tech support, and they had me go through all the motion settings (totally messed everything up that was working fine unfortunately), and ended up rebooting every camera, which solved the problem. Today I wake up, and am informed by my app that I have 29 days left, and once again, every camera except the last one I added, would not do a live view or record a video. I had to go into all 6 cameras, reboot every one of them to restore functionality. It is now apparent to me that every day, for the next 28 days, I am going to have to go in and reboot every camera in order to make them either see the same trial plan, or the one I purchased. I have no idea which one they are looking at. What is also apparent, is that this is a HUGE bug in the way Ring is being sold/deployed, whatever… and this needs to be fixed! I need a way to delete the stupid trial plan that has completely messed up and invalidated my bought and paid for plan! Support says “oh you don’t have to worry, after 30 days your plan will automatically take effect.” but DUH! That’s not helpful at all! I am very upset with Ring, and will NEVER buy another Ring product to add to my site, until Ring announces this has been fixed!

Hi @BunnyB. The Ring Protect trial and the Ring Protect plan would both allow you to have access to video recording, and a plan is not needed at all to access Live View. If you haven’t already, I’d suggest checking your Modes settings to ensure you do not have motion detection disabled within a specific Mode for any of your Cameras. Additionally, check the RSSI for each Camera on the Device Health page, as this gives a measurement of how strong the wifi signal for the Camera is. Intermittent connectivity issues can impact the Live View and video recording features.

If this issue persists despite checking the above, it would be best to follow up with our support team once more. They should walk through all basic troubleshooting, and may need to escalate the issue since it continues to happen. You can give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here.