Translucent button on Keypad

There is a clear, translucent button (or what I thought was) on the Ring Keypad up and to the right of the large LED ring (see uploaded image). I pressed the “button” and it did go in but it bottomed out and now will not move at all (in or out). The keypad is operating as it should but I didn’t know if I have cause irrepairable harm and moved the Doomsday Clock forward 1 minute… or if it’s no big deal.



It’s for showing if something is bypassed. See attached. It’s not a button.

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Thanks for the reply but I think I zoomed in too much and made it confusing regarding what I was asking. I’ve attached a new image better identifying which button/light/etc. I have questions about (The one circled in RED).


I don’t have that one. I do see photos on Google but it’s not listed on Ring now. Maybe a different model due to location or different year. Someone from Ring should be on here soon. Maybe they can help.

Eagle, thanks for taking the time to offer advice to a newbie!

Hey @TravMan! The area circled in your image example is the motion/ proximity sensor and the lights sensor. This helps with Keypad buttons illuminating, and the backlight triggering in power save mode.

The part circled in yellow is, of course, the Sensor Bypass indicator. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: