Transformer underpowered

Noticed the battery level on my ring sick up cam(42%) had turned yellow so clicked on the exclamation mark which informed me that my doorbell transformer was underpowered ! (A) its a camera not a doorbell ! (B) its battery operated so no transformer ! So why am i getting this warning ?

Thank you for sharing this experience with us @DavidN! If possible, can you please share a screen shot of this concern with us, as well as confirm if you are tapping on the battery icon in the Ring app “device health” section?

You are correct that if you have a battery powered Ring Camera, then any messages regarding your device health should include mention of relevant charging information. Looking forward to your response. :slight_smile:

Thanks for that example @DavidN! I’ve shared this feedback with the team for further investigation. At this time your Camera should operate as normal despite this in app mention of transformer. Additionally, the Ring app battery reading will still be accurate to your battery level.

Re: Transformer underpowered