Transformer issues after upgrade

I installed the upgraded one and it still says under powered what should I do?

I could not get the Ring Video Doorbell 2 Pro to work with a Ring transformer…it burned out 2 Ring 30VA transformers and 1 Broan-NuTone 30VA transformers. I could only get it to work with a supposedly under-powered 20VA generic doorbell transformer (but this one ran very hot and buzzed terribly after a while). In the end I gave up on the transformer and am now using the Ring Plug-In adapter…it is an in-elegant solution…you have to plug the adapter into a wall outlet and then connect the wires to you doorbell, but there you are. Ring phone support was no help (and a huge time suck) and I have not seen any advice in this forum for how to solve this problem. We can put a person in space but Ring does not seem to be able to figure out how to get their hardwired doorbells to work with a direct connected transformer