Transferring Gen1 Floodlight Cams to Landlord

We installed 5 Floodlight Gen 1 Wired cameras and a Ring doorbell at a house we were renting 5 years ago. We have now moved and I need to transfer ownership/use to the landlord or new tenant.

They are still connected to the homes wifi (which I haven’t cancelled yet) and they are still on my subscription. I only have the boxes for one of the cameras and the doorbell. The cameras do not have any stickers on them.

How do I find the codes so I can transfer them?

Hi @user1967AU. You can simply remove these from your Ring app. That will make them available to be setup by a new owner. You can find the specific steps here. The QR codes and 5 digit pin will also be located on the device itself. I hope this helps!