Transfer Protect Plan to replacement doorbell

I had to replace my first Ring doorbell which had bad audio. I have now installed a replacement doorbell, but have to buy a new Protect Plan - whilat the first plan was only used for 1 week. Is this plan not transferrable???

Hey @Cvk. You will need to cancel the old Protect Plan and then subscribe to a new Protect Plan for the replacement device to ensure that there is no lapse in coverage when the free trial is over for your replacement. You can learn more about cancelling your plan in our Help Center Article here.

Do what you said is, that if I already have a valid plan to cover a device, I cant just remove the current device and then add the new one to my still valid plan? Do you refund the remaining credit?

I mean, I wish to update my doorbell I want to cover the new one and leave the old without cover, my plan is paid annually, is valid until November, but as you said I need to cancel previews plan and activate a new one, so what with my remaining credit because I already paid you for 12 months and just has passed 4.

Hi @ScionRng. Cancelling a plan, with time still left in the plan, will cause a prorated refund for the remaining time left on the plan. This can take a few days to show up, depending on your bank. For your new device, you will need to subscribe to a new plan, unless you have the Ring Protect Plus Plan, which covers all devices at one location. I hope this information helps!