Transfer Plan

I purchased the protect plus plan and paid $100. I recently moved and now my cameras aren’t under my plan. It says I have no plans. How do I transfer the plan to my new address? I’m not paying another yearly fee when I just paid for it…

It appears from what you’re saying the plans are tied to an address and that could make sense since that is what is used for location in the app. However I do see from the Terms that you can cancel a yearly plan at any time and you will be given the prorated refund for unused time. Then you could purchase the plan again, using that prorated refund to help and not losing any money for what was used at your previous house.

Yearly Plans

If you cancel your yearly Ring Protect Basic yearly plan or your Ring Protect Plus yearly plan at any time during your subscription period, your yearly plan will be prorated over 12 months based on the month the plan was activated.
If you cancel after a new month has started, you will be charged for the entire month’s subscription fee. Then, you will be eligible for a refund or credit of the remainder of your yearly subscription fee

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