Transfer ownership of certified refurbished device

So I bought a certified refurbished doorbell from the ring shop. I tried to setup the device but it tells me the device already belongs to someone and I have to request transfering the ownership. It says this may take up to 15 days…

So I called customer support who just wasted my time and basically confirmed that I need to wait until automatic transfer happens. Otherwise I should contact the old owner - good joke because of course I have no idea who that is as I bought the device from the ring shop.

Seriously, guys? You resell your own devices and then make the buyers wait for 15 days until they can use it?! How can you not expect a transfer to happen and initialize it already when you refurbish the device?!! What kind of customer service is that? What are you thinking???

Hi @srudin. This should not happen. I suggest reaching out to out support team and speaking to a member of the Neighbor Solutions Expert team or a Supervisor to remedy this for you immediately. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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That’s exactly what I did already. Support lady’s answer: “My hands are tight. Try to contact the old owner.”

Hey @srudin. I would try calling again like @SolarEclipse. If you speak to our level 2 team, they can assist you with this. Be sure that you are talking to our Level 2 support team supervisor, since you have had a bad experience with our level one support.

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So no other way than to wait for 15 days. At least it worked after that.

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