Transfer Alarm Ownership

I read post on transfer of ownership. Seemed too long a process (i.e. remove all devices and unregister base station etc. then new owner would have to add back all devices).
However; if the base station is not changing location, you should be able to use the App and go to settings and 1) Change the Name, 2) Change the email and 3) change the phone to the new owners information. All else stays the same and no need to re-add all devices. Note: For the new owner to have access they would need to create a Ring account if they did not already have one.

I verified this process with support and agreed that this should work. Any further comments from support or others who have already tried this please reply.

Hey @jrc645. Although the steps that you’ve listed should, in theory, work. I would not choose this method. The registration process for the Ring Alarm have specific and deliberate actions and using a process that is not an approved troubleshooting step may, or may not, cause unforeseen issues. This is unknown because it is not a practiced method we have for transferring ownership.

My recommendation is to remove and factory reset all sensors, etc. from the Base Station and then unregister the Base Station. Once that is complete, you can setup the Ring Alarm using the Ring App. This Help Center article here has information on that process. I hope this information helps!