TRANS and REAR ? and Push Button?

Hello All,
I am Mike and new to Ring Community. Nice to meet you all. I am hoping some one can help me with these two questions.
First Question. At my house, we have two doors, ̣̣Front and Rear. The time being, at the front door has an existing ring button, when it is pressed, it rings inside the house. Same thing for the Rear door.
I only want to replace one door bell with the Doorbell Wired at the “Rear Door” - not the front door as i want to leave as it is - So, should I connect the Jumper Cable to TRANS and REAR positions ? <if i connect TRANS and FRONT positions, then door bell at the front door will not ring inside the house, when it is pressed>
Second Question: Does plastic push button on the Doorbell Wired always provide an audio ring on the actual device from a small speaker box at bottom, when the button is being pressed ?

I appreciate for any answers you can give. Thank you in advance,

Hi @user44742. Welcome to the Ring Community, we’re glad to have you! Yes, you want to connect the jumper cable to the TRANS and REAR terminals on the chime kit if the Doorbell Wired is being installed at the rear door. I do want to note that the Video Doorbell Wired will not ring your internal chime kit, but it will play an audible ring from the Doorbell itself and send a push notification to your phone. I hope this helps answer your questions. :slight_smile:

Thank you, Caitlyn. Problem solved!

  1. You might want to suggest the company to “Update the Instructions” and to train the customer service agents to help customers to connect the Jumper Cable to TRANS and REAR terminals on the chime kit. This is for any customer who wants to install a Doorbell Wired on a “non-front door” (it could be a garage door, or side door or back door, as long as it has a manual doorbell ring attaches to a Rear terminal on the chime kit.
  2. Second issue I had was with the actual Plastic Push Button on the device. It had a defect, that was the root caused for it not to produce any audible sounds on the device. As soon as I replaced with a new working one. It works fine.

Thank You for your Help.

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