TP-Link Deco Mesh WiFi bricking Ring cameras

Hi they update them self’s


It’s now 3 full days since I enabled Fast Roaming, and I’m still problem-free. As far as I’m concerned, this means problem solved. I hope this helps others.

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While I am happy to hear this… I can’t help but wonder what happens when TP-Link updates their firmware again…? Unless they are going to test it first, i assume it would be potentially a repeat of the previous “go ahead, we fixed it” situation. I will remain optimistic but will continue to error on the side of caution as I have not had to change out a doorbell or call techsupp for a few weeks and am actually enjoying getting other projects completed.

Hi @nastybynature the team is continuing to look into, research/learn/fix and ensure something like this does _ not __ _happen again. I can only offer you my personal promise that we are here for you and will always help however we can.

I reenabled fast roaming 2days ago and still going strong.
I still noticed slower response time on one of the cams as mentioned by someone else but I’m quite sure this is related to the reduced WiFi signal at that point. (Cam is mounted outside a double sided and isolated garage door made out of aluminium.)
In each case response times of the other cams seems to be improved after reenabling fast roaming.

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Thanks for the update, @Str03mf ! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our 24/7 support with any questions or concerns.

I still got a issue with Deco M5. When i set fast roming on, my cams disconnect to WiFi and dies. My Cellphone devices disconnect to SSID and i have to reconnect my phones everytime. For me this product is a rubbish. Simple like that.

Ensure you have the lastest firmware on them. Do it through the app. After they did the updates I havent had any issues with my cams

I have the deco M5 mesh network which resulted in two bricked Doorbell 2 units. I can confirm that since the firmware update to resolve this issue was applied it does not fail when the network goes down during a power cut or when I have to replace the Doorbell battery.

They are updated. Cams, cellphones (Iphone) and routers.

All my devices are updated

Ring cameras keep loosing connection after “upgrading” to tplink deco M9. Both v1 and v1 doorbell…

This never happened before the router upgrade, was using a cheap netgear router. Both cameras about 30` away from D9s, and worked perfect for a few hours…

Every other device “40 total” have been working flawlessly on the new system with full signal… lightbulbs, logitech wireless cameras, tablets, TVs, etc…

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I just upgraded to the M9 Plus and every device in the house connects like a dream apart from my ring stick up cameras.

I’ve tried everything from turning fast roaming off, reserving IP address, de-regeneration and then re-registering of the cameras, guest networks but nothing works.
Help please ???

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Your problem is a connectivity issue rather than the original topic of this thread, I don’t have either of the products that you are getting problems with but I have resolved similar connectivity issues by temporarily turning off the 5G wireless signal and just using the 2.4G signal on the Deco to establish the initial connection with the device. Might be worth a try, hope it helps.

I had the problem with my chimes on a M9 plus.


  1. Set up a hotspot on a second mobile phone and give this hotspot the same name and password as the WiFi network it should connect to, preferably a guest network.
    (To change the name of this hotspot, I had to change the name of my iPhone to give it the same name).
  2. Disable your WiFi guest network.
  3. Go through the normal installation procedure of the Ring and connect to the hotspot, which has now the name of the WiFi guest network.
  4. After installation the Ring will update for a few minutes.
  5. Kill the hotspot and enable the WiFi guest network.
  6. Restart Ring
  7. Ring is online!

Good luck!

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Any updates to the subject system not working with Ring Floodlight cameras? TIA

I have recently set up my rings on my deco m9… from my understanding some devices can’t handle fast roaming so I have that and beamformimg disable and have about a -40 rssi

I am about to install a Ring Alarm and Camera system at a site that already has a TP-Link Fast Roaming WiFi network (EAP225 Access Points). It is not possible for me to have the fast roaming feature disabled at this site.

Can someone from Ring confirm if this bug has been fixed in firmware and what devices/FW versions are involved so I can check before bricking a half dozen doorbells and cameras.


Hi Team,

Is there any resolution here?
I have a Deco M5 system and both my Ring Doorbell 3 and my Stick Up cam keep dropping out and am unable to live view either camera.
Frustratingly this seems to happen more often than not.
I have a deco unit within a couple of meters from the ring devices on their own SSID Guest network so avoiding my other devices.

I have strong RSSI but cannot access live view.


Yes actually. My resolution was to get rid of the TP LINK DECO M5 and after a few other budget type attempts I finally just pay my ISP a small monthly fee to use their mesh wifi equipment until i decide what new triple band wifi 6 system to go with. Or I may really pull out the stops and go with something from these nice folks.