Tow of my outdoor stick-up cams show wrong power source

I bought two plug-in stick-up cameras and installed them in my backyard without batteries in. In the ring app, the power sources were both “Outlet Power” but these two cameras changed to “Battery with the solar panel” and the ring app keeps telling me “the sunlight is too weak to charge the device”.

Since this power source change, I can’t get the snapshot update in the app’s dashboard. I tried to cut the power off for a while and reboot the cameras with no luck. They still report using the solar panels with batteries which I didn’t install at all.

Is there anyone having the same issue and how should I do to let the power source status back to normal?

Hi @Bowie. Thank you for providing these pictures! To get the camera to show the correct power source, try resetting the camera and reconnecting it to your wifi. You can reset your camera by pressing and holding the setup button for 20 seconds, then release. Your camera will do a quick reboot and you can then reconnect it to your wifi. This will prompt the camera to update and it should reflect the correct power source. I hope this information helps!