Totally Fed Up And Wish I Hadn't Bought Ring

I live in a farly normal sized 4 bedroom brick house and have a camera on each corner of the house and one on my garage at road level (house sits down slightly) and two door bells.

I have Virgin 1Gb broadband and have 4 different WiFi 6 modems and a Ring Chime Pro and a Virgin Booster at different part of my house which creates 5 different sets of 2.4 and 5 Ghz signals and despite having this amount of coverage at least 2 of the cameras, one door bell and the chime pro struggle to get Wifi and are constantly needing reset.

No matter what Ring say it’s because of the crap wifi components they use in their products. I have other wifi products that work brilliantly all over my house and garden so that’s how I know it’s the Ring garbage themselves that are the problem.

Wish I hadn’t spent hundreds of pounds on rubbish.


Yep, they are massively over sensitive, or as you put it, cheap components.

I’m similar, have 900mbps, have three mesh discs around the house, yet the signal is a constant struggle!

That, along with the software issues, bad service, and general overpriced items, makes ring very unappealing for long term use.

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