Totally erroneous

I have 4 door bell cameras.
Many battery i purchased to quickly replace.
3 of my door bell cameras are outside not near the router nor my wifi boosters.
My 4th door bell is not attached to anything, i use it to monitor my parrot at night, it is linked to the router standing near it.
But it carries on disconnecting itself asking me to check my connection.
All working, 5 alexa, wifi lights, wifi sockets except this next router doorbell!
I gather it is not private and ring bell staff having a good play, dont you dear?
I removed all the previous views BUT though it refuses to reconnect it is showing a view i previously removed, how that can be?
Private? Hmmm !

Hi @PatriciaMarchand. Nobody has access to the Live View or videos from your Ring devices except for you and anyone you have added as a Shared User within the Ring app. You can delete previous events from the Event History in the Ring app, or they will automatically be deleted after the duration of your Video Storage Time ends.

If one of your Doorbells is disconnecting from the wifi and not maintaining a connection, you can check the RSSI on the Device Health page to see the strength of the signal it’s receiving. Having a device too close to the router can cause interference. It is also important to keep in mind how many devices you have connected via wifi in relation to the network speeds you receive.

And you believe that, you believe anything.
Discarding problems is very childish

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