Total lack of common sense…

So…I really cannot believe the appalling outfit that Ring seem to be, not what you expect from an Amazon owned company.

Doorbell started playing up in January, battery kept disconnecting when not empty, no email, nothing, so I charge the battery, as, well, that’s what any normal person would do, I’m not phoning support to ask if I should charge the battery. Doesn’t work after first charge, but my wife says she took it off charge for a while to charge the iPad, so it’ll only have had an hour or so…so, I charge it again, 14 hours. Bingo. Bell works again.

2 weeks later, it happens again, I sense my battery is running out of puff, I really should replace it, but, such is life, I forget and don’t replace it as a mega charge gets it going again, at least after I take the battery in and out a few times, blowing on the contacts to make sure they connect.

Then, early March I find out my bell has been disconnected for over a week, since 26/2. I really need a new battery. I’ll charge it and order one, but again, I just don’t get round to buying the replacement.

Then March 20th the bell disconnects again, I charge it, I plan to order the battery that afternoon, but when I charge the battery, it says it’s full, so I put it back in the bell, nothing. I charge it again, nothing.

Ok, so the battery isn’t the fault here, it’s the bell. So, I finally call support, the battery I would just replace myself, it’s a degradable part, like in my phone. This is now a fault with the unit, I need assistance.

I call Support and they’ll them what’s happened and that’s it’s been going on for a few months now, I even prove them mh ring notifications, by that only goes back far enough to see the issue on 26/2 and they tell me that it’s dead and out of warranty, so the best they can do is offer me 30% off a new bell (so 30% off a £200 bell that lasted less than 2 years)…I moan a about it only lasting 22 months, they say there’s nothing they can do. I ask when my warranty expired, they say 13th February 2022. So, a month ago…I raise the fact that this problem has been happening since January, I say that this was the first thing I mentioned on the call, even before knowing about the warranty only being 2/3 weeks out…I show them the log of it happening in February, I can’t show them further back as I don’t have that available to me.

Support say that there’s nothing they can do, they agree with me that the bell WAS within warranty when the fault occurred, but “the box to replace is greyed out, there is nothing we can do to override this…”

I ask what would happen were I in a coma or were I on holiday while the fault occurred and the warranty expired before I could return. They advise me that there would be nothing they could do. I am
Infuriated, how can they just relinquish any responsibility here? I’ve raised it through multiple managers who all say that they have no power to override the decision EVEN THOUGH THEY AGREE THAT THE ITEM WAS UNDER WARRANTY when the t fault occurred.

Some of the reasons I’ve been given for not being able to replace it…

  1. You called us before in 2020 to ask for some screws, so you knew support was available when the fault first occurred.
    (Why would I call support when I thought the battery was at fault? Theyd just tell me, like these forums do, to charge the battery)

  2. On that call we sent you some screws and we didn’t ask you to pay for them.
    (They cost £2, I’d have happily paid for them).

  3. You didn’t call until after the warranty period.
    (It was 1month out of warranty, even if the problem had started when I can provide proof of it, it would’ve been less that 2 weeks out of warranty and I’d expect them to use discretion…the fact that THEY AGREE that this was still under warranty and they can’t , or won’t, use discretion is just mind boggling…)

  4. You don’t have the Ring Premium
    (My issue with this is that, with the premium subscription, once the unit is 2 years old, you haven’t extended the warranty really, you’ve just paid them the amount it costs for a new Doorbell in extra subscription fees…£6 for 24 months is £144)

I keep hitting a brick wall, there’s no way to speak to someone who actually works for Ring, as opposed to someone who works for the company Ring pay to provide support. I ask for a Customer Relations or complaints address to write to, someone who can use common sense rather than just saying that there is no work around for something that I imagine is quite a regular occurrence. Strange how the only solution they offer results in me spending hundreds of £s.

There must be someone actually at Ring to whom I can address my issue, rather than just “pass the feedback to the relevant department” that I’ve been offered, which we all know is sending an email to an automated mailbox that likely never gets read.

I cannot believe that a company of this size, an Amazon owned company can have such atrocious aftercare and customer service. Can anyone help with the best way to try and get this resolved?

When people insist, no demand, cheapest priced products what do you think suffers? I’ll give you a hint, Support.

Hi @AndyM1234567. In order to make a warranty claim, you must be within the warranty period. This is something that the support agents are not capable of overriding. I can certainly share your experience with my team, but if you would like direct correspondence with Ring, I would suggest reaching out to our support team and asking to speak to our level 2 support team or a supervisor.