Tool provided does not work for Safety Screw

The orange tool provided does not work for the safety screw. #1 the size of the torque/star is much too small. #2 the screw has a pop-out/pin in the middle to prevent just any torque screw driver from working – the provided tool does not have a hole.

Was there supposed to be a different tool provided?

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First of all, make sure you are using the correct Ring screwdriver. If I remember correctly… the Orange handle screwdriver is used for 1st Gen doorbells and the Blue handle screwdriver is used for 2nd Gen Ring doorbells.

Next, confirm the screwdriver is a double-headed screwdriver. In other words:

  • Carefully attempt to remove the metal rod of the screwdriver from the handle
  • Confirm there is a different screwdriver head on each end of the rod
  • Flip the metal rod 180 degrees so the other end faces the handle
  • Reinsert the metal rod back into the handle

LOL – yes, start with the basics. I definitely have the torx head facing outward. The problem is the torx head provided is very small and has no hole in the center.

The torx screw provided needs a larger head and is the tamper resistant type – meaning it has a pin in the middle. My tool is not the tamper resistant tool.

I bought the Ring doorbell as refurb off Amazon. It appears when they re-packaged the provided either the wrong screw or the wrong tool. How do I contact Ring about getting the correct tool or screw?

Grif5890 -

I assume you’ve already contacted Ring by now… but if not, you may want to refer to the following web page:

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I had exactly the same problem. Bought NEW from Amazon and have the wrong orange screwdriver - no Torx screwdriver with hollow centre to accommodate pin. Who provided the replacement - Amazon or Ring?

Hi @StewartW. You can contact Ring support for the correct screwdriver.