Too many notifications on All-New Stick Up Cam Battery

Hi All,

Apologies if this topic/issue has already been addressed but I was wondering if someone could assist me with this.

I have the “All-New Stick Up Cam Battery” situated in a “busy-ish” (indoor) area of the property and it sets off the device resulting in a ton of notifications to both my wife’s phone as well as mine.

Motion Verification has been enabled

Motion Frequency has been reduced to “light”

Motion Zones - Can’t unfortuantly change it too much due to the location of the device

Mode: Primarily in “Home” but it doesn’t really matter whether it’s in “Disarmed” or “Away”. Notifcations still flow through.

I have 2 other (outdoor) Ring devices and I don’t get half the notifications in comparison to the indoor device. Now I understand I can disable the notification for the indoor device but that defeats the object of the device for those “what if/just in case” situations.

Any advice/support would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.

Hey @A_D_W495. It sounds like you’re getting a lot of motion notification, and thus a lot of motion events, right? If you’re getting an alert for each motion event, then this is more of a concern with the amount of motion events you’re having. Do you mind sharing a picture of your Live View? Being able to see what the camera is seeing can have us help you adjust your motion settings. In addition, if you want to upgrade the motion detection on this device, you can get the Plug-In Adapter and switch over to wired mode, which you can learn more about here.

Hi there,

Thank you for your reply.

You are correct, we’re getting a large number of motion notifications from said device which ultimately means that we have to keep charging that device more often.

As requested, an image has been attached. Towards the bottom left of the image is the entrance of my Kitchen. All motion zones are enabled and no matter how much I amend the zones, it makes no difference to the notificaitons what so ever.

The alternative thing to do would be disable the motion notification for that device but it would defeat the point.

Unfortuantely, there are no spare power sockets in the kitchen so going down that particular powering the device route isn’t an option for me.

Any further assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

WOW @A_D_W495 . . . From looking at your camera’s view, the placement of your camera is not helping you at all. Motion detection is also based on heat . . . I see lots of heat-generating appliances (stove, oven, coffee-maker, washing machine, etc.) and potential sun-light entering through the glass door and side window. No wonder why you are getting so many detections! I see that you have changed several of your settings, and that is good (Motion-Verification & Motion-Frequency). But still, there are so many heat sources to contend with.

You need to do some combinations of things, which could include;

  • Remounting or aiming your camera away from heat-producing sources.

  • Adjust and severely-limit your motion-zones to avoid these heat sources.

  • Try coverings/blinds over sink-window and your glass door.

  • Relocated the camera on a different wall to change it’s field-of-view.

Cameras are more sensitive than you might think. For example, I have an outdoor Stick-Up cam and in its field-on-view is my kitchen window that is 20 feet away. My camera is Not directly pointed at the window (the window is on the far left of the field-of-view) . . . and at night, when I turned on the interior kitchen lights, my outdoor cam saw the light as heat through the window, and was activating the cam! My solution was to put up mini-blinds on that window, and ensured the blinds were closed at night. Also, I have a friend who’s camera was set off by a heating-vent and motion-activated whenever the furnace came on.

So you got a lot of heat-things going on in your kitchen area. Maybe try mounting your cam in the corner over the washing machine? That could remove several heat-generating items from it’s field of view (washer, coffee-machine on counter, the glass-door & sink-window). Or, it is possible you might have to totally relocate the cam out of that room. Maybe there is another location that would still meet your desired monitoring needs? Is there an adjoining room to your kitchen, where you could mount & point the cam so it can still see into the kitchen through the doorway? If you need to monitor inside the kitchen, then you might just need to stop the Notifications (motion-alerts) and Alert/Chirp sounds that are driving you crazy. Without Notifications/Alert-Tones ON, you at least then you can still keep the view.

I wish you luck and hope you find a solution :slight_smile:

HI Boone,

Thanks for your reply.

In regards to your suggestions:

  • Remounting or aiming your camera away from heat-producing sources : Can’t really remount it as the current location is ideal in my opinion.

  • Adjust and severely-limit your motion-zones to avoid these heat sources : Already done that but it doesn’t make a difference. Entrance to the kitchen on the left and the visble door in the image takes you straight to the garden. We have a dog who likes to roam around too.

  • Try coverings/blinds over sink-window and your glass door : The lights from the window and door doesn’t affect the camera notifications. Motion zones have been limited and the “Disarmed” mode was enabled. Still getting notifications when walking into the kitchen.

  • Relocated the camera on a different wall to change it’s field-of-view : I could relocate the device but the only real options would either be be the cooker, boiler or near the kettle/microwave to get the best optimal view.

I have 2 other cameras from Ring for outdoor use. There’s a fair amount of “activity” that does set off those cameras but not as much as this particular device.

As much as I’d like to relocate the device, the main reason(s) why the device was purchased was for the kitchen and to monitor that door. Yeah, was considering turning off the notification from that particular device but again, it really defeats the point of having a camera in there. If it was relocated, the next room would be the living room which is where the most activity happens. Say goodbye to the battery on the camera and on our phones haha

Thanks for the assistance anyways. Appreciate the suggestions :slight_smile: