Too Many Doorbell Motion Alerts

I live on a busy street so I adjusted the motion range to detect right at foot of the first porch step. I also set the alerts to “light” and I’m still getting alerts all night and all day. There are no other moving objects that would trigger the alert. I’ve continuously played around with the range, bringing it to the absolute minimum and still no change.
It’s incredibly frustrating tuning in to a bunch of false alarms. Has anyone suffered this issue and found a fix?

Hi @ JodiOCR, how high up is your Doorbell mounted? Another thing to consider is positioning the Doorbell with a Corner Kit or a Wedge Kit for the Doorbell so that it can be positioned more downward or to the side, away from the busy street.

I have the same situation, no matter what adjustment I do for the capture area, it will always pick a fedex truck or similar ones passing by.

Ring needs to work the motion zones setting, at the moment, it picks up all over inspite of setting to pick up only on the bottom most porion of the footstep.