Too many alerts all of a sudden

I’ve been running the Ring Video doorbell 2 for a year and have been impressed at how well it has worked.

However, a couple of hours ago, the app started alerting me about EVERY person that walks past our house.

No settings have changed on the app. Nothing has changed on the doorbell.

Any ideas?

I have had exactly the same thing.
Same device Pro 2. Wired.

Sensitive of motion trigger she completely changed in last few days despite no changes my end. It’s gone from fairly accurate to triggering pointless alerts all the time. Often where no one seems to be passing even distantly.

I am thinking there must have been a software update that’s created issues or something.

Hi neighbors. What type of phone/OS version are you using and what version of the Ring app is installed? Since this concern first started, has your Ring device continued to give you too many alerts? Thanks for this information, neighbors.