Told 80 day old camera is "out of warranty"

This is my second Ring hardwired floodlight camera to “brick”. 100% unresponsive, lights will not shut off (24/7), will not re-set, etc… First one did the same thing May 2021. After spending an extremely frustrating time attempting to understand the “customer support agent” to get it back online, I simply gave up and purchased a new unit and installed it the first week in May. It is now doing the exact same thing as the camera that it replaced. After 40 minutes on the phone with “technical support” wanting me to get up on the roof, power off breakers, etc… (which had already been done) they tried to re-set it from there end unsuccessfully. I told her that I simply wanted an address to send this to for repair. She then informed me that there was no such thing. So I asked how to get a warranty replacement and was informed that my 80 day old unit was out of warranty as it was purchased in 2018. I told her that the ORIGINAL camera in that position may have been purchased in 2018 and when it went out, I replaced with the one in question 5/4/21 and had the receipt in hand. She asked where I bought it and I told her eBay. She then told me that it had no warranty as eBay wasn’t an “authorized seller”. There is nothing in their warranty listing “authorized sellers” and to my knowledge, this isn’t legal in my state. I informed her of this and asked for a number that I could call to speak to someone in their office (as she was obviously “off shore”) and was told that I called the only number and it didn’t matter anyway as my unit was from 2017 and “refurbished”, so I had to go back to the seller.
Wait… First it was 2018, now it’s 2017 and refurbished? The ad stated that it was “new” and it came in a factory sealed carton with no mention of “refurbished” on the box. Now it sounds like she’s making it up as she goes…
This was my 2nd attempt to use their “customer service” and it was the most frustrating thing ever. I do believe they’ve crossed a legal line this time so I will be sending a transcript of the call to Rob Bonta, Calif’s Attorney General as well as the Federal Trade Commission and the BBB. These people are straight up frauds and need to be called out as such.

They were correct, your eBay “reseller” is not an authorized dealer of Ring products.
As such, based on their warranty Warranty | Ring you don’t have a claim.
Hopefully this will be a lesson for all to not buy things on eBay and expect to have a warranty unless you check with the original manufacturer first.

Bon chance!

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Sorry to say, Ebay is not a good place to get stuff, especially electronics and they are not very regulated. Been there, done that and lesson learned.