Toggle Modes using Alexa

I have a number of Ring cameras both indoor and outdoor. I do not use Ring Alarm. I enabled modes and all works fine with the app. I would like to toggle mode using Alexa instead of just using the app. Since I do not use Ring Alarm and just want to toggle modes via the Ring skill with Alexa, is it possible to do this and how? At least verbally, but I would love to be able to do the same via Alexa routines as well.

Hi @Armenak. Information about Alexa and Modes can be found in this Help Center article here. Creating routines with Alexa can be done by following the steps in this Help Center article here. I hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply, but I do not have Ring Alarm. The links you provided are how to do all of that with Ring Alarm. Modes can be operated with just the security cams, doorbell cameras, etc… without having Ring alarm. I have created many Alexa routines using the Ring Skill for motion detection, etc… What I want to do is change the mode of the Ring System (not alarm) using Alexa. When you create a routine, you must specify an action against something, usually with a smart home device, but to change the mode of the Ring system it cannot be a camera, it has to be a central/common thing such as Ring Alarm System. So, without that, how can the Ring system be addressed to change the mode via Alexa routine or verbally via Alexa command?

Hi @Armenak. Yes, the links I shared are for Alexa and Ring Alarm. The reason behind this was to highlight that the changing Modes feature will only work on Alexa if you have the Ring Alarm. However, you present a great idea! This integration would be perfect for users who do not have the Ring Alarm. I would suggest posting in the Feature Request Board to share your idea with the Community. With enough upvotes to your great idea, it could come to fruition!

Thanks. I added it at