With my previous Indoor Cam, I could go to the camera, see live view, previous events, as well as scroll back in time to any time in history. Now that I have the Stick Up cams, and got rid of the Indoor ones, I can not see this anymore. My only choices are events and live. And the events always pick up after whatever triggered it happened so I can’t see the true beginning of the event. Any ideas?!?!

Hi @PepperMan98! It sounds like you are referring to the Timeline view. This should be accessible from your Ring app dashboard, via the preview tile for that specific Cam. You can then scroll back and forth to view events, snapshots, and trigger a live view. Check out our help center article about the Timeline view which includes steps on how to ensure this setting is enabled. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hello Marley. Yes, I am able to see all the events, but on my Indoor Cam that I used to have, I could scroll back and see any time I wanted, not just “Events”. I could go see a random time that nothing was going on if I wanted to. Also, when I look at events now, I don’t get to see the beginning of the event. When I click it, whatever happened is already over, and I am seeing the action a few seconds, or even minutes afterwards. For example, my son woke up screaming, my wife went to get him within a few minutes, and the “Event” starts with her ready in there changing his diaper. Does that make sense what I’m asking?