Timeline view requires forced close

Ring Doorbell Pro, Ring Spotlight Cam

I have an IPad as dedicated ring monitor. I selected the option to automatically open live view full screen when event triggered. Seems that option is no longer available. Previously, when the event triggered the app to open live view it would continue displaying and recording for 10 minutes and then return to the dashboard view. As of yesterday, the app automatically opens in timeline view (yuck) and stays in timeline view wit until I manually close. It appears to record for 10 minutes as expected but the screen appears black and it’s no longer live (Attached). If an event is triggered I get notification but Screen remains in black screen until I close it. This reallly doesn’t suit my needs. Is this a feature or a bug?


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Hey @LadyJade002. Have you attempted to remove the Ring app from your iPad, reboot the iPad (turn it off/on) and then reinstall the app? This is a great place to start, and please also make sure your iPad has the most up the date software. Once you do this, the Live View should be able to pop up and be active for those 10 minutes you have it up until it times out and closes. Let me know how this goes!

I can confirm that, once I uninstalled the RING app from my iPad, rebooted it, reinstalled the app, and then turn OFF the option under Device Settings > Alert Settings > Notifications Preferences > In-App Notifications (again, turn this OFF), I am now getting full-screen views when activity/motion occurs. That setting applies to all of my cameras, too.

It’s a shame that RING has so, so, so many complaints about the same recurring issues here and refuses to actually fix them. I can’t think of another app that requires an uninstall/reboot/reinstall on my iPad or my Android devices. At the very least, if they’re going to require these steps, say so in the app updates note.