Timeline on iphone vs ipad ; iphone is buggy?

On my iphone, ios15, the timeline view is very buggy. When I swipe to a motion event I get a spinning icon which doesnt stop, and I would be mistaken for thinking this is an internet problem, but … if I hit pause then play it works immediately!. Swiping through the timeline is not paying videos properly I have to do the same trick all the time, pause then play. Also see below I do not get the lo-res version when I swipe.

Same for multiple devices.

In stark contrast… the timeline on my ipad is brilliant. As I swipe through motion events I even get a lo-res speedy version of the recording - I have not seen this on my iphone? My ipad is on ios14 but is less powerful than my iphone. Why aren’t these the same experience?

Is there a bug on ios15? Iphone is an Xs.


Hi @arthurdent. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. When you do this, are you on wifi or cellular data? If you force close the Ring app, and any other open apps, then try again, does this behavior change? Also, what version of the Ring app is installed on your iPhone. Thanks, neighbor!