Timeline Notification (original Ring) immediately goes to the end of the timeline

Happy Saturday all,

We have the original Ring Doorbell. I am using app on Android OS (upgraded to latest). If I have several notifications and I click on one further down the list than the last event, I am not taken to that event and instead I go to the last event in my timeline. For example, 10:00 There is motion at your front door, 10:25 There is motion at your front door. Clicking the 10:00 event will automatically go to the 10:25 event and then I must scross back to see the event I actually wanted to see. This is super frustrating. Also, the time for recording is shorter than needed for our house. I have changed it and it causes issues. A Fed Ex delivery came in and the recording started as he walked onto our driveway and ended just as he reached the steps.

Hi @Mom_4Angels. I would first clear the data and cache for the Ring app on your phone. After that, I would uninstall the Ring app, reboot you phone, and reinstall the Ring app. This should clear up any app related issues you’re experiencing. Let me know if this works!