Timeline jumps into the past

Hello everybody!
I have a problem with timeline on my ring app on iOS.
Every time I go to the timeline and want to scroll through to find a recording I’m interested in for example 10 minutes ago, when I start scrolling, it jumps into an event in the past that I watched earlier for example 3 hours ago. Then I have to scroll through all 3 hours to get back to the present events.

My app and iOS are up to date. I’ve got ring app on iPhone 12, iPhone 7 and iPad Pro, they’re all affected. Does anybody experience the same?

Thank you for all the answers!

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When scrolling back and forth through the Timeline history, ensure to avoid hitting the filter options above the scrubbing bar. These filters will indeed jump to a specified time.

Also, if you opened the Ring app by tapping an even notification banner, it can bring you to that event for viewing. Otherwise, opening the Ring app and tapping a Camera Preview image to view the Timeline, should start you off at the most recent event by default. Please also ensure there is not a VPN enabled on your mobile device. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the answer but unfortunately it doesn’t help :frowning:
I’m not clicking at specific event and not using filters. The timeline just suddenly jumps to another point in time while I scroll through it or watch specific recording. Anybody had similar experience?

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I’ve had the same problem ever since switching phones. Before I could quickly scroll through from one entry to another, tapping each one and then moving on to the next in the order of the timeline. Now if I tap one and then come back to the timeline to tap the next entry it could be in the correct location or jumped many entries either in front of or behind the one I just saw. Quickly scrolling through the historical entries of the day has become a pain because of the jumping around of the timeline. I’m not doing anything either with filters or pushing the scroll. Everything was fine with the old iPhone but new one not so much.

Do you remember what version of iOS you had on your old iPhone? What version do you have now on the new one?
My problem started around October last year which would match the upgrade to iOS1 15.
I didn’t think about it before but it sounds like probable cause. The question would be why more people didn’t come forward?

I’m having the exact same problem as the original poster. Is there any relief here?