Timeline Feature in Ring App

I am NOT a fan of the new timeline feature. I tried it out in Beta testing and found that it was cumbersome and not particularly useful for me. I am disappointed that it is now the built-in format. Please give your users an option to decline this feature and retain the original format.

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Hi @BrinaW. Thank you for your feedback on this! We’ve been receiving this feedback from other neighbors and are working on a way to have neighbors have the option to turn this off. I’ve seen neighbors with iPhones already having this option to disable the Event History Timeline. Let’s check to see if you can! Please follow these steps in the Ring app:

  • Open the app and go to the main menu at the top left
  • Select Account from the list of options
  • Scroll down to the bottom and see if you have an option under “Advanced Settings” to toggle Event History Timeline off

Hope this helps!

I actually was about ready to sell all my devices because I couldn’t find how to enable it once they disabled it! Timeline view gives you a quick review of your recent events. The real problem with the new timeline implmention is the trashcan takes several clicks to delete a video because it’s hidden at the bottom in a drawer! I’ve found the best strategy is to use an older version of the ring app and disable the future updates. The app is just getting worse over time as developer quality has significantly decreased in the last year. SO MANY bugs these days and new features aren’t always useful.