Timeline display

Is there a way to change back the view without the timeline display. I prefer the way the app was without this display.

No. Just spent 45 min talking to ring agents and they tell me this is a forced feature that can no longer be changed. We used to be able to change it in “new features,” but that option has since disappeared from the dashboard. It stinks. Timeline view not user friendly for everyone

I too noticed today that the option to turn off Timeline View is gone. But you can still go to the camera Settings screen then tap Event History to see the vertical list of recordings. You can also tap Device Settings-Video Settings and turn on Tap Camera Preview for Live View so that you go immediately into live video instead of playing the last recorded event. The latter is how I personally prefer it to work. Hope this helps!

thanks. I saw those options. The option you prefer is currently what I am using but, my camera takes longer to load since they changed the options. I get the spinning icon saying it’s activating the camera. It’s less functional imo.

You might want to try the Rapid Ring app. It’s barebones and only designed to allow you to quickly respond to notifications and/or launch live view. Everything is left to the main Ring app. I’ve found that my cameras load almost instantaneously with it.

Two weeks ago my Ring app suddenly began to display the new timeline but I was able to disable this feature. Now its back again and apparently can’t be disabled.

Ring team, please provide a way to disable this feature ASAP.

I agree completely. This “feature” ruins the App.

Hi neighbors! If you are unhappy with the Event History Timeline feature, you can turn this off in the app now. Please follow these steps to disable this feature:

  • Open your Ring app
  • Go to the main menu at the top left
  • Select Account
  • Scroll down and turn the toggle for Event History Timeline off and to the left

Hope this helps! :smiley_cat:

I’m one who actually likes Timeline, and am frustrated that although I have my settings selected to Enable Event History Timeline, nothing displays as a timeline. Is there a solution to this?

Hey @AlwaysWatching, if you have Timeline Enabled but cannot see it when you go to your Live View, we may need to make sure your app is up to date! You can check this in your app store, and if it says it’s up to date, please then remove the Ring app from your phone, reboot your phone, and then reinstall the Ring app. From here, you should be able to see the Timeline view from any of your device’s Live View.

For any reason that you still do not see it, can you go to the Live View via the Camera Tile on your dashboard, or from Devices > Any device > Live View, and attach a screenshot of what that looks like? Additionally, go to your Ring app again > Account > and provide a screenshot showing that you have Event History Timeline on! Feel free to crop out your personal information from the top of the screenshot if it shows please. Additionally, with these two screenshots, let me know what device you’re using the app on, the OS version, and the app version of the Ring app you’re then running. :slight_smile: