Time wired doorbell rings

Can anybody tell me how long the existing wired doorbell is supposed to ring when the Ring unit button is pressed (it’s an old fashioned bell/buzzer that used to sound for as long as the old doorbell button was pressed). Ring phone support are completely clueless and make up numbers (started by saying 5 seconds. Then ‘it’s a pulse’ and then 1 second) . I am finding that my doorbell rings for only approx 1 second (ie Ring unit sends power to the doorbell for approx 1 second). This is too short to be easily heard. I am keen to understand if this a fault or part of the design (in which case the design is dreadful).

Hi @Jonathan66. Which model of Ring Doorbell do you have? You can find this information on the original packaging, on the back of the Doorbell itself, and on the Device Health page in the Ring App. Additionally, what type of chime do you have, a mechanical chime? If possible, please share the make and model of your in-home chime kit as well so we can ensure it’s compatible with the Ring Doorbell that you have.

It is a Video Doorbell (1st gen) according to the device health. As I said, it is connected to a standard buzzer / bell - not a chime. The buzzer / bell sounds for as long as it is supposed with 8 VAC. Here is the model. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0001NPZ0G/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I meant to say ‘supplied’ not ‘supposed’

@Jonathan66 Thanks for sharing that information. It seems that this buzzer you have installed is likely not compatible with how the Ring Doorbell functions. You can find a compatibility list of which chime kits are compatible with the Ring Video Doorbell (1st Gen) in our Help Center Article here. This will list both digital and mechanical chimes, but not any type of buzzers like you linked as it is designed to function with a standard digital or mechanical chime kit as part of a doorbell circuit.

If you don’t have a chime kit or the ability to install one, you can also find instructions on how to wire your Doorbell directly to a compatible low-voltage transformer here. However, you would then need to use a Ring Chime or Chime Pro to receive an audible alert in your home when someone rings the Doorbell. I hope this information helps clear things up. :slight_smile:

It’s not on the incompatible list either. So this is not very satisfactory explanation of the problem. Please explain to me what the problem is. It is a simple buzzer / bell which rings for as long as power is connected to it. Is your system not designed to supply power to electric bells / buzzers for more than 1 second?

And by the way, there appears to be no way to get rid of the expired chat window when I go to that help page (using safari on an iPad)

@Jonathan66 The Ring Video Doorbell is designed to function with a mechanical or digital chime that is on the compatible list. If it is not on the compatible list, then we cannot guarantee that it will work or how it will work. In this case, your buzzer is not on the compatible list as it is not a digital or mechanical chime kit, so we cannot guarantee that it’s going to function how you want it to. You’re welcome to give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here if you have any further questions as well, however they will also likely recommend using one of the compatible chime kits for the best results.

I went on this community forum because your phone support was so useless (did you not read my original post). Please could you explain in simple language whether the ring doorbell is able to supply power (AC approx 8V) to a simple buzzer / bell and for how many seconds.

I am so disappointed. I assumed that when it said mechanical, it meant mechanical! A 1 second burst to a mechanical bell does not work. I will now have to work out how to build a back end electrical circuit that can be triggered for a longer period of time. Very disappointed as I have built all the wiring and bell circuits into the house