Time controlled recording possible?

Hello all,

is there a possibility that cameras record only at certain times ? I have a camera in my workshop and it is currently recording permanently of course when I am on site. That I can disable the notifications time-controlled, I have found.


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Good question, @moikoi! While there are Motion Schedules and Snooze to control alerts, there is not a timed option for disabling operation of the Camera. There is, however, Modes. While it is not timed, it is a quick way to disable motion detection for specified Ring devices, and more!

As we always value our neighbors’ feedback, feel free to add this request on our Feature Request Board. :slight_smile:

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Just added a Ring Indoor Cam for my home office today and, like you, am surprised there isn’t a timer. I understand you can disable notifications, but I still don’t really want it recording me when I’m working.

Modes kind of help but they rely on you manually switching from one Mode to another - they’d be far more useful if you could schedule them.

My workaround is to have the Indoor Cam plugged into a wifi-enabled socket which is scheduled to switch on every evening at 7pm. It remains on until I manually turn it off.