Thumbnail view on dashboard not updating

The dashboard in ring app that has the thumbnail camera view is not updating automatically like my other 2 floodlights. Does it not update like the floodlight views? Those views say 2 seconds where the doorbell one could say yesterday’s date unless I go into the live view. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Interesting @sgesualdi . What doorbell do you have? Also, have you recently uninstalled and reinstalled the Ring App?

I have the ring 2. I have not installed the ring app again. The app seems ok except for that. The cameras on the other hand let’s just say have not impressed me to this point.

Interesting that this thread dried up in 2019 without an answer from support? I’m having the same issue with a Ring Video Doorbell 2 purchased a couple weeks ago. My two floodlights update within seconds of bringing up the dashboard, but my doorbell images sometimes takes hours if at all. The doorbell is wired by the way so this is not a battery problem.

The first time it got “stuck” I forced a stop on the app (android) and restarted. It still didn’t upate so I forced another stop and flushed the memory. This “appeared” to resolve the problem for a few days but other (related?) constant crashing issues propted me to remove and reinstall the app. The dashboard issue is back and no longer updating the image while the two floodlights continue working as expected in the app.

Hi @wlwhites! The displaying recent images from each of your Ring device on the dashboard of your Ring app is related to the Snapshots feature. Please ensure your Snapshot feature is enabled, as well as check the Snapshot frequency setting. If this concern persists, try removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your suggestion Marly_Ring. Snapshot is enabled (has been all along) and in fact set to the minimum time allowed for the doorbell, Every 5 Minutes. The doorbell is wired so no concerns about battery life with the highest frequency snapshot setting.

I mentioned in my original post that I have already removed and reinstalled the app. If the behavior continues and this is my only recourse, I’ll consider your advice of giving it another try. Unfortunately, I don’t hold much hope this will resolve my issue and currently weighing the potential temporary benefit vs. the effort/time required to reconfigure everything once the app is reinstalled. I think I may be more inclined to wait for the next update in the App Store and hope something’s changed that might improve this snapshot behavior.

This is not a Snapshot issue. I have 2 Ring Video Doorbell 3’s, front & back doors. The back door thumbnail updates automatically within seconds upon accessing the dashboard. The front door thumbnail does not. The thumbnail can be over 1 day old. It has an RSSI of -54 (better than my back door).

I have tried the Ring Chime – It is currenlty plugged into an outlet 6’ from the front door. The wall is wood frame, exactly as the back door. The back door connects via the router that is located in the basement; no issues. I have changed WiFi networks; no change.

The Snapshot feature takes photos at timed intervals whIch I definitely don’t want given the associated battery drain.

Deleting and reinstalling the iPhone Ring app sounds like a lengthy device reconnection effort. No other suggestions? Thank you!

Definitely not a snapshot setting issue. Anyone with a helpful answer cleanly to chime in here? I’m dealing with the same problem.