Thumbnail Preview

It was amazing - one day the Ring app notified me of a new notification for the Doorbell Pro, where it told me that there was movement in front of my door, but also showed a thumbnail preview!

This is on my iPhone, lock screen notification. Upon 3d-press, it opens up the notification with the options to snooze, but also the thumbnail! love it!

2 days later, it goes away. I can’t find anything in the app about the thumbnail preview, and the online chat support only got me to re-install the app, turn notifications off and back, just to say, “yes, text notifications are the default”, and not answer anymore to let me know why it happened in the first place.

Anyone figure out how to turn this feature back on? Or was it just a tease? April fools is not for another couple of months :\

There was a thread on this. It just came up one day for most and went away. No one knows why. But there’s no news on it and no one now has it. I think it’s something they’re working on most likely. So hopefully it will be a feature soon.

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I have a similar problem. I have an Android phone and the preview stop one day. It came back on today but won’t update so I still have the same preview shot taken this morning. Events are still recording just not previewing. Preview is working fine on my iPad.