This tone will not go away

I bought this brand new home with the ring already installed. When I first set it up it was working fine but now there is this tone that will not go away when I listen to sounds from the outside. I have tried resetting the doorbell already and it did not fix the issue.

Here is a link to what it sounds like.

Hey @zoe_lozano. This sound would definitely bug me as well, so thank you for showing me that video! Do you have this Doorbell hardwired to an existing Doorbell setup? If so, what Doorbell do you have and what is the make and model of your internal chime kit?

I believe it is wired to the existing doorbell. I am not sure like I said this is a brand new home and it is part of the smart home package that came with the house. The only thing i did was remove the faceplate so that I could set up the doorbell to the app I have not looked at the wiring in the back of the doorbell.

@zoe_lozano If you could take a look at this for me or contact the seller of the home to have someone come out and look at it, I would appreciate that! It does seem to be a concern with the wiring or the chime kit being compatible. Could you also snap a picture of the Doorbell for me and share that with me? I can get you a list of compatible chime kits for the Doorbell you have if I know the Doorbell you have! :slight_smile: