This is the most TERRIBLE product I have ever purchased

I have given the Ring Video Doorbell 2 an ENTIRE YEAR to prove itself. I have tried everything possible to make this thing work. NO LUCK. Initially, I had the button mounted without the wedge. Then I tried it with the wedge tilting up, then with the wedge tilting down. Although we are 35 feet back from the street, I have motion detection set for 5 to 15 feet. I got the Ring Chime Pro and have it placed within 4 feet of the front door, hoping to boost the wifi signal. I even purchased an addition wifi extender from our internet provider and placed it within 6 feet of the Ring Chime Pro. We still don’t get worthwhile service from this thing.

Quite often it will pick up cars going down the street, which should be well beyond where I have motion detection set. Yet there a many, many times where it does not pick up our U. S. Postal Carrier - and the mailbox is about 2 feet over from the doorbell. And FedEx and UPS are also able to avoid detection quite often as well. And in the last couple of days, the video has begun to “freeze up”. A couple of days ago, it did catch the Postal Carrier coming up the steps. The video froze when he hit the top step. After the video resumes, you see him heading back down the stairs.

I don’t know what else I can do. I’d love to hear from someone at Ring as to any options that I may have. I have a sizable investment here and the performance is beyond terrible.