This device not compatible with ring app

Currently, the Ring app requires Android 9 and up. If your device does not support Android 9, you will not be able to update and use the current version of the Ring app. You can read more about mobile device compatibility and find the current supported mobile device software in our Help Center article here.

You may continue to use the Ring app on Android 8, but you will not receive important security and performance updates. If you don’t wish to use an unsupported version of the Ring App, you can use or the latest version of the Ring App on an Android device that Ring does support.

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So I’m just leaving the house only to find I have no Ring security for my door thanks to this update. Unbelievable! Who the hell would want to buy a Ring with this sudden unannounced change? Some of us prefer older phones that can have the batteries easily swapped out for a new one. My Samsung Galaxy still works great for all things except this stupid Ring app. Will be looking for a better doorbell camera. Never a Ring product again!!!

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Same here, just bought two cameras and since I did a factory reset, I cannot install the new Ring app and the old one is not on their site.

Thanks for screwing me Ring, I will return the two new cameras I bought and go with one of the other options, not buying a new phone. Surprised your sw engineers/programmers are not smart enough to come up with a better solution. Buh-bye.

i have an android 7. I am getting rid of ring and going to another door cam.

Doing same here. It’s ridicules. Ring has screwed a lot of us.

Did you not see my reply above, you can get version 3.49.0 from the APKmirror site, which is the latest version to work on Android 8.0. Install an APK installer app from the Play store and it should find the apk you download and tap tap it’s installed.

So I’m new to Ring. I have Blue by ADT and the indoor cams are fine, if you’re considering a change, stay away from Blue by ADT for your outdoor cam. After I upgraded to a new router, it worked pretty well for a few months and then back to freezing and going offline.

I decided to switch to Ring for my outdoor cam and it is great! I got the Stick Up cam and the main thing I’m annoyed with is the fact that I can’t download the Ring app on my BlackBerry Key 2, like the OP. I updated the software but it only updated to 8.1. I do have a Samsung S10+ for work that is Android 11.0 so it went on there. But it’s a PT job and I don’t always carry it with me.

The solution for me was Alexa. The Alexa display devices are on sale right now. I got the Echo Show 8. Amazon owns Ring so Alexa connects to Ring and you can tell Alexa “show me the front yard” and your cam will display. The Alexa app is fine on my BlackBerry so I’m not without access to my Ring cam if I leave the house without the Samsung!

It’ kind of crazy bec I had ADT Pulse for years but now that Google partially owns ADT, they switched me when I moved a year ago. Blue by ADT is the DIY system and I didn’t like it at first but now I do. Except for that outdoor cam. It works fine inside (for the most part) but outside, connecting wirelessly, with or without the Chime, is a joke. So I’ve got the one Ring cam out front that connects to Alexa, 3 Blue by ADT cams inside (which connect to Google Home), and two light bulb cams in the back and driveway. Those are another story… aye. I have one speaker and one display for each, lol

I found this forum bec I was thinking maybe I could do sideload (which I see someone mentioned above). But if you’re just not wanting to deal with that, consider getting an Alexa device, they are still on sale! The Echo Show 5 (2nd gen, 2021) is $44 and the Echo Show 8 (2nd gen, 2021) is $74. Maybe one day they’ll fix that!

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