This device not compatible with ring app

I recently had to wipe my phone and start from scratch. The only app that will not install now is the ring app. OS is Android 8.1. The phone is a Blackberry Key 2. Anyone else run into this issue?

The Ring app now requires Android 9 and up. You’re going to have to update your device to a newer version of Android or get a new device with a newer version.
Ring - Always Home - Apps on Google Play


Thanks for the info. should update their web site. It still says Android 8.1 and above.

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Its a bit much when you have to buy a new phone because ring upfate the always home app diisgusting way tl run a business would not buy any ring products again


Hi Neighbors. I’ve notified the appropriate team to update the documents to reflect Android 9 is the minimum OS. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


Why would you want to use such a woefully out-of-date device that long ago quit getting security updates?

Yes I just ran into that problem with my Blackberry Key 2 but I love the phone so I am not getting a new one.

I just log into and I can see everything.

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Hi, yep i ve got an steam powered Samsung galaxy A5, well 4 as got 2 spare ones, it may be old but takes better pictures than new iPhone’s, and its a work phone so is used not just a toy. Has lovely finger print button. And battery still lasts all day, and in 5 yrs of having them only broken 1 screen as it was way ahead of its time.
Id rather put all my ring cams and doorbell on ebay and go to another cctv cameras, Alfred is a fab free app that actually is better than ring now as it does a constant record mode and and old phone can be used back to 4.8 and only 28 quid a year for any amount of cameras and you can even track the phone cam if its stolen, think my days with RING are done. Maybe give google ago. What a bunch of idiots ring are. I ll be talking to my legal guy as they did not contact any registered users to advise of this update and took a member to tell them, bunch of clowns

LOL! You made my day . . . talk to your legal guy . . . LOL!

You’ll likely spend more on your lawyer than it would be to purchase a new phone! LOL!

Good luck!

Glad i made you laugh, cos my legal guy is my brother in law, my sister is a journalist.
Ever heard of Simba mattress company ?
I had 2 off them thst went flat and not fit for purpose, so before we went legal action, we slated and posted photographs of them on every advert they posted on social media, all because of their " no refund policy" but it got the point , i got a call from the MD of the company begging me to stop. I said i will if you get this crap out of my house and a full refund plus compensation, next day bank account surprised with refund plus compensation and next day a truck came and took the crap away.

If i wanted a brand new bells and whistles phone i d go and get one now, but my A5 is nice size and does all i need, it still works all the ring kit BTW can watch, and everything else, but my work phone is newer and has app on it, so no big issue, . My point is when you buy a product it shouldnt have an update that makes you unable to use it anymore. Bit like them phasing out fossil fuels in cars for electric in 13yrs , half of the UK cant get fibre broadband, so how hell are they gonna put in extra mains power to charge all the millions of cars to work.

Anyway glad you had a good laugh, cos you only come round once every few years, bit like Santa Claus lol,

So I have a OnePlus A5000, it’s got a snapdragon octacore, 6gb ram, 64gb total space, it has a adreno 540 dedicated graphics card, it’s faster then most NEW phones…
Go ahead and tell me why I need to buy a new slower phone just to have android 9…

Start by making the app available for multiple Android versions (and be careful with your excuses, I’m a 20 year experienced software engineer and I’ve been lead devop during the last half decade for a very large company)

Obviously, your claimed years of experience hasn’t prepared you for the realities of the cell phone industry or security.
If you don’t want to keep your phone up-to-date that’s up to you. Just don’t expect manufacturers to cater to you.

This is a pretty significant issue. Ring not supporting an Android version less than 4 years old, and not telling users several months in advance that it would stop support, is completely unacceptable. This is simply the Ring development team trying to cut cost at the expense of its customers who don’t buy a new phone every 2-3 years. It’s possibly more nefarious because Ring is owned by Amazon which sells a lot of phones. It would benefit on the margins by ‘forcing’ users to purchase new phones in order to access their home security devices.

Android 8 was released in August 2017.
Please do tell which Android manufacturer(s) still support Android 8 with patches and security updates?

I don’t much like the short support life span the manufacturers have, but if having an O/S that runs the apps I must use means I have to pay for a new phone then so be it. It’s the reality of the Cell Phone marketplace whether we like it or not.

swann and lorex come to mind. I have both dvrs from them and have both of their apps installed on my samsung note8. There are probably tons more.

This is only one, of many reasons I’ve concluded that buying a Ring system, is akin to throwing ones money into a burning pit.
There are countless apps, that run every day, on far older versions of Android, with no little to no problems.

It’d be likely that most people bought the devices needed, in order to use Rings service, specificly to their needs.
And since that also likely means, that there’s very little, to no additional profit be made from these customers.
Why would it matter if they can still use this product in the manner it was originally intended, and advertised?

So really, it’s likely more about cutting cost in order to make the rich, even richer, regardless of how it affects it’s customer base.