This device is offline

My app states this device is offline. I have called MANY times to troubleshoot why I cannot connect. No resolution. I know the doorbell has power as it continuously talks…welcome to ring, the world’s most advanced doorbell.
I have no problem replacing the unit if that is the issue but do I only replace the doorbell? The chime has the blue light illuminated.
Please help.

Hi @julieyoungwells. If you are going to replace your Doorbell, it does not mean you have to replace your Ring Chime. If it has a steady blue light, that usually means it is online, which you can also verify by checking its Device Health page. When you set up your new Doorbell, you just have to link the Chime to it. To do so, go to the Chimes settings page and select Audio Settings. Then you select Chime Alerts and toggle on the alerts you want for the new Doorbell. I hope this helps.

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